Monday, November 29, 2010

A New ME

Have u all, ever, ever come across that one day u'll be diagnosed with a kind of illness which u had never heard of? I mean..of coz la byk illness out there yg kita x penah tau (bcoz we're not a doctor!!), tp ada jgk yg kita pernah dgq based on experience from org2 yg kita kenal kn. As for myself, suddenly being diagnosed as a patient of nephrotic syndrome, mmg ssh sgt nk trima. Never heard of the name, & never know what is all sikalang...sudah tau meaning, sudah tau what to do...& most important, sudah bole trima the fact that i need to pay more & more attention towards my health, (apart from giving extra attention to en.tunang lah..hehe)

Based on advise from doctors, and also throughout my ulangkaji thru the net, it is veryyyy important for one (nephro patient like me..hehe) to control on eating habit & food consumption. Mmg rs unacceptable at first when i was asked to stop taking this & that as it may not be good for my current condition. Can u all imagine x after discharge tu i eat nasi & lauk all without garam? And paling x tahan xle tambah any perisa like ajinomoto ka, pasti sedap ka..cukup rasa all my food mmg x rasa apa la. Dah nama pn org sakit, aku pn kena sedaq diri la kn, mkn je la pa yg ada...hehe

Tp after few research thru net, some advise says bole ambik garam but not too much la..cuma kna avoid taking outside food, then canned foods cam sardin whichever yg contain high amount of salt. Hve to also control on calories, other words buat ms lani better masak sndr kt umah, sng nk monitor apa yg kita letak dlm food kita tu.

Lani life aku nk kata beza sgt ngn dulu...x la jgk. Tp still ada. Contoh, dulu ms masak aku la Ratu garam - asal masak ja mst masin. Ringan ja tgn aku ni nk bubuh garam. Lani, nk letak suku camca kecik tu pn rasa takut dh. hehe.

Ada satu g beza aku dulu & lani : Dating-style. Dulu...asal dating ja..asal outing ja mst nti singgah mkn kt luaq (which i will sesuka hati ja name the place & en.tunang will have to bawak la!! hehe)..Now, no more outside food allowed!! No more old town, no more more mee more nasi lemak..CKTeow..Most annoying is that i heard Burger king is now in xdan rasa lagi...uhuuuu. But indeed...ada save duit skit la kn,,,sbb time nk kuaq dating ja we all mkn kt rumah in advance, hehe..simpan duit for kawen, yey~

And most important part of all...which i believe nampak sgt different is the care & concern shown throughout my sakit time. Mmg la all of them syg me so much (becoz i'm the last agak manje skit lerrr), tp bila sakit ni they show super extra care, sronoknyaaaa..hehe. Families, friends...fiance & his family members as well shows their support, sacrificing their time to make sure i get better & better..They've never stop giving advise & strong support which is such a valuable things for me to remember of. Thank you semua!! 

I believe things happen for a caiyok my-newself!!