Friday, February 18, 2011

Beyoncé - Irreplaceable

Monday, February 14, 2011

Janda Meletooppp..!!

Kahwin - benda yg normal ja kn for malaysian artist ni. Kawen grand2, sponsored by org tu la org ni la..tgk2 dh cerai. Kesian pn ada. Jodoh pertemuan di tgn tuhan kn...Nak buat camana lagi..

Tp among artis kita ni, yg paling glamer & still lawa for sure la Rozita Che Wan kn,,even dh pgg title cam tu tp still maintain jelita. Setuju x? 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Sorrryyy..i cheat tooo much..:))

Wonderful. Best word to describe my weekend. Know y? Full of cheating. haha
For pantang girl like me it was awesome to have this kind of long weekend tau! So here's how the cheating started...

1/2/11 :-

Accompanied by en.tunang & bff (which is also a kaki makan) we hentam so much of ikan bakaq & all other bakaq food la. Sotong, daging..ulam2. Mmg kow2. Me & my bff, as always, mmg x panggung kepala langsung. Our tangan keep pointing at the ikan la, daging la..while en.tunang keep on staring at me. Know y? Ye la aku dok asyik focus kat ikan je & totally ignore him. Haha!! Makan. Gossip. Makan. Gossip. What else can we do? :))

Enjoyment : 3* Price : RM 50+ ok-ok je la kn

2/2/11 :-

There comes another cheat. Grilled Night.

Ayam. Daging. Kambing. Ikan. Satay. Udang. Sosej (with cheese). Do i have options not to cheat? Hehe.
Around 8, all the family members gathered at this zainol's villa & all the noisy moment started. Everyone keep pointing their eyes to our 1st grill - beef & satay!! Marinated well, smell even better..& looks even more gorgeous than what we expected!! Kononnya nak test la dah masak ke belom..ambik la rasa satu. Yg heran tu..ramainya tukang rasa? Totally half of the grilled beef habes sebelum waktunya. So to keep myself mcm org x pantang..i pun hentam sama. Best betoi. While our chinese neighbour is enjoying their reunion dinner, we also had a blast on our makan besaq!!

Enjoyment : 5* Price : RM 15 per pax. Eat-all-you-can. Haha

3/2/11 :-

We got ourselves tanned by the beach, simply sempoi i tell u. But its not the issue now. Main point ; i curi makan lagi. KFC tau. 1 piece je nikmat seketul tu mcm 2ketul ooo. Its been sooo long i dint take kfc. Lama gila. So this is a kind of balas dendam jugak la. Put aside about makan, jom tgk few pix snapped during that sempoi picnic. (credit to soon-to-be k.ipaq for the pix)

Enjoyment : 5* Price : FOC << another credit to FIL for the meals provided..ehe>>

4/2/11 :- Laksa pokok asam at Balik Pulau. Simply tasteful.

Enjoyment : 4* Price : RM 5 for 2 pax. Murah sangat!!

5/2/11 &  6/2/11 :-

Nasi Kandaq Ramzan (somewhere nearby Kapitan Keling) & Nasi kandaq shariff (gelugor). Another balas dendam time when en.tunang dgn murah hatinya bawak aku p mkn ns kandaq. Mmg dah lama tggu ni..Lama gila. Dapat mkn before ni pn cuma 1-2 camca saja. Tak makan satu pinggan. Tp this time en.tunang sendiri yg bawak pi tau. Apa lagi..its the hentam time!! Nasi + kari ikan + Ayam bawang (one of signature dish kt sini la) plusss...kuah banjir. Haha. Awesome!! Siap tambah nasi lagi ooo. Day after...skali lagi he brought me to Shariff pulak for another trip. Sama jugak, sempoi. Have to que agak panjang demi nasi kandaq, i mean..who can say no?? Never!!

Enjoyment : 4* Price : RM 5-7 per pax

Being an innocent cheater throughout this long weekend..i've started to now onwards, be a good gal. No more cheating..err unless there's a further request from perut asking for more. But no..this time aku betoi2 nak strict to my healthy diet. Health first. Perut..2nd. Boley ke?? We'll see..haha

Sunday, February 6, 2011

Friday, February 4, 2011

BuFFet foR 2 - rm5 ja?

What a wonderful day out!!

We were at first intend to drop by at laksa janggus, it was unbelievable that the space is out?! Totally penuh. Tp tu la perut ni nak jugak mkn laksa, nak jugak. So en.tunang yg baik hati ni p la cari kedai lain. Ok--finally stop kt gerai ni jual cendol pulut & laksa. Baru ja nk duduk..we were told laksa xdak!! ~adoii~

I was thinking not to find laksa anymore la..(sulking la tu) then en.tunang quietly go & ask pakcik tu where can we find another laksa stall. Hmmm...rezeki aku jugak la..ada!!

Akhirnya sampai la kt satu gerai ni, Gerai biasa. No name. No Banners. No signboard. People here called it as Laksa Pokok Asam. Location to be exact - hmmm somewhere around kuala jln bahru. Kedai kecik ja. Tp yg nmpk ramai org..smp x nmpk tokey kedai tu. Hati (plus perut) yg x sabaq2 ni terus ja jalan straight p kt meja tu. Its a buffet i tell u :p Yg sempoinya..semua vege cam timun bawang suma kena potong sendiri. Mmg totally self-service. Small bowl..letak laksa skit, vege and tadaaaa...nampak kuah tgh boiling. Wauweee..wangi gila. Even kuah agak cair (penang say it ceroi sbb x byk isi ikan) tp rasa dia mmg holiao. Cant believed i go for 2nd round tau! The best part is..murah sgt la. Laksa 3 + 2 drinks, total 5 hinggit ja. Buffet for two at only rm5? hehe..worth it!!

Rasa cam nk pi lagi la!!